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Is an apartment in Pune worth investing in?

October 03, 2019 | Silky Malhotra

Is an apartment in Pune worth investing in?

The energetic lifestyle and the advanced amenities in Pune have helped it evolve as one of the top residential destinations in India. In recent years, the city has undergone immense infrastructural development, both for social amenities and for the corporate sector. This has led to an influx of migrants from different cities. The standard of living in Pune has also increased greatly, which has led to the growth of the real estate sector. With more and more people seeking sophisticated homes with luxurious features and green spaces, reputed developers are coming up with elegant housing projects.

The corporate sector in Pune is quite well developed, which attracts various reputed MNCs and blue-chip companies to expand their businesses here. This has enhanced the employment opportunities in this city, as one might get a lucrative job in one of the leading companies here. The IT sector in Pune has flourished especially well. Most of the reputed companies here are from the IT industry and Pune is a rapidly growing IT hub. For business professionals too, Pune offers plenty of opportunities. Moreover, the tech institutes in Pune are well-known across India, which is a major factor behind the development of the IT sector. Hence, those interested in this field would find Pune a very convenient city to live in.

The city has got a clean environment and a peaceful ambiance, that promises a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. This favors the development of the residential hubs in various localities here. Pune comes with a number of good schools and hospitals, which leverages its social infrastructure. The well-developed network of roads connects the important hubs and ensures easy access. Undri is one such residential hub in Pune, where a number of residential projects have been launched in recent years.

Godrej Greens 

If you are seeking a modern home in Undri, Godrej Greens is a property you might be interested in. Offering 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes at prices between INR 45 lakhs and INR 57 lakhs, this property is a great combination of luxury and affordability. The estate brings you ample green cover, including a beautifully landscaped garden and shrub beds. The leisure amenities include a lavish clubhouse and a swimming pool, that comes with a pool deck. Other amenities you can enjoy at Godrej Greens Undri include the cafeteria, the well-equipped gymnasium, and strong security. This is a good opportunity to get your dream home at a reasonable price.

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